My story

Hi everyone! I’m so glad you’re here. Grab some coffee or wine and let’s hang out! As an introduction, I’m married to my husband Jeff and we have a fur-baby, Bella. We live in the Chicagoland area and have moved between the city and back to the suburbs (seems to always be the natural progression in your 30’s). I went to school for broadcast journalism and after graduation, started my career in executive recruiting and have loved every bit of my professional life!  

I grew up very much like others, on the standard american diet. Meat, processed foods, dairy, etc. It was just recently that I decided to start my journey into plant-based eating. There are rare times I eat vegetarian, but life is about enjoyment, and sometimes you just need that piece of cheese! The joy I have gained from cooking new recipes and finding ways to make my favorite recipes vegan has been so fun (bring on the queso)!

I created this blog to have a space where others can join my journey into plant-based eating, or just get more ideas and ways to incorporate plants into their lives. 

Aside from cooking, I want to incorporate all things lifestyle including finding new restaurants to try in the area and keeping active with regular exercise and what we all need more of, relaxation. Stick around while I show you our real life!