Hi everyone! By way of introduction, I’m a ‘Chicago girl’ in her 30’s that has been cooking since my teenage years. It started as a fun “girls” night to make new recipes and evolved into fun “date” nights with my now husband. Until recently, I ate the standard American diet like everyone else, and I’ve someone that has tried it all…Keto diet, Whole30, intermittent fasting, you name it. After several books, articles and documentaries, I made the decision to go plant-based in 2020.

Now, I’ve been down this journey before, two other times to be exact. However, there is just something different about this time. I’m not stressing over counting macros or calories. I’m enjoying the food, in moderation of course, but it’s finally become fun to try to make some of my favorite foods now plant based while also trying other things completely out of my comfort zone. Is it always perfect? NO!… it’s takes practice and time to find what you enjoy and what may become your weekly staples.

What makes it a tad bit harder? My husband is not completely plant-based. So there are times where I may have to cook two dinners, but this is my journey and I’m not here to force it on anyone. I’ve had so much fun and want to show others how to incorporate more whole food, plant-based food into your diets.

Additionally, I want this blog to be more than cooking. I want to share my lifestyle whether that is a fitness journey, cocktail making or anything else happening in my life that others can learn from or experience. Think of me as your gal pal and we’re discussing life over a glass of wine!

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